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Dry Arch Children's Centre, Dungiven
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Pop Up Play


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Explore, Create, and Bond Together!

Pop Up Play is a dynamic four-week programme designed for parents and their children aged 1 to 3 years. Each week, we focus on a different type of play, offering a variety of activities that engage your child’s imagination and development. These sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to actively participate in their child’s playtime, creating lasting memories and fostering a strong bond.

Weekly Play Themes:

Messy Play: Dive into the fun of messy play, where children can explore different textures and materials. It’s all about creativity and sensory exploration as your little ones get their hands dirty in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Role Play: Encourage your child’s imagination with role play activities. Whether they’re pretending to be a chef, a doctor, or a superhero, role play helps develop social skills, language, and creativity.

Physical Play: Get moving with physical play sessions that focus on motor skills, balance, and coordination. From obstacle courses to ball games, these activities promote physical development and healthy movement.

Sensory Play: Engage all the senses with sensory play activities that stimulate touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. These experiences are crucial for brain development and help children make sense of the world around them.

Programme Highlights:

  • Parent-Child Interaction: Strengthen the bond between you and your child through shared play experiences.
  • Variety of Activities: Each week offers a new theme and set of activities, ensuring diverse and enriching experiences.
  • Developmental Focus: Activities are designed to support your child’s physical, cognitive, and social development.
  • Fun and Safe Environment: Enjoy playtime in a safe, supportive, and fun setting where children can freely explore and express themselves.

To register with us and express interest in this programme, please contact Caroline on 028 7744 6317, or fill in the enquiry form here.