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Dry Arch Children's Centre, Dungiven
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Hypnobirthing is a scientifically supported approach to childbirth designed to empower expectant parents and their birthing partners with essential knowledge, practical tools, and continuous support. This comprehensive 4-week program aims to ensure a positive birth experience, no matter the method of delivery.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Deep Breathing & Relaxation: Techniques to help manage stress and maintain calm during labor.
  • Birth Partner Preparation: Guidance on how to effectively support your partner through labor with gentle touch massage and essential questions to ask medical professionals for informed decision-making.
  • Understanding the Physiology of Birth: Insights into the birthing process, reasons behind labour pain, and how Hypnobirthing techniques can help reduce or eliminate discomfort.
  • The First Breastfeed and the 4th Trimester: Information on initiating breastfeeding and navigating the postpartum period.

To register with us and express interest in these programmes, please contact Caroline on 028 7744 6317, or complete the enquiry form online here.