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1-12 Weeks pregnant – The first trimester

  • You may be feeling tired. Your breasts might also feel sore and slightly enlarged.
  • Your emotions are likely to change – you may feel happy at one moment then sad the next.
  • By about 12 weeks of pregnancy, your placenta should be fully formed.
  • Your baby’s face is formed and their ear buds are developing.
  • It’s usually too early to feel your baby’s movements at this stage but they’ll be moving quite a bit!

 13-27 Weeks pregnant – The second trimester

  • At around 16 weeks, your baby’s hands can form a fist and can hold each other when they touch
  • You may begin to feel gentle fluttering movements at around 18 - 19 weeks
  • Your baby should have settled into a pattern of movement – there is no specific number of “kicks” you should be experiencing, but if you notice a change in the pattern of your baby’s movement, contact your midwife
  • At around 25 weeks, your baby is usually moving a lot and responds to touch and sound. They may even get hiccups from time to time!

28-40+ Weeks pregnant – The third trimester

  • Your baby’s sucking reflex is usually developing by now and they may suck their thumb or fingers.
  • By about 32 weeks, your baby may have turned and be lying head down. Your baby will be swallowing amniotic fluid and passing it out as urine.
  • In the last weeks, sometime before birth, your baby’s head should move down into your pelvis. When this happens, you may notice your bump “dropping” slightly.

We have a range of programmes available for expectant parents – more information can be found here