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Birth to 12 months

Birth – 3 months

  • Your baby will want to be close to you to build connection and a strong attachment.
  • Your baby will be able to follow your face from a distance of about 30 cms.
  • Baby will communicate mostly through cries in the very early stages.
  • You may begin to see smiles from your baby from around 6 weeks old.
  • Baby should begin to try lifting their head when placed on their tummy.
  • By the time they are 3 months old, your baby may be finding their voice and beginning to make little sounds to communicate with you.

 6-9 months

  • Your baby may begin sitting up without support, and become able to get themselves into a sitting position.
  • They may grab at objects, and possibly pass them from hand to hand.
  • Weaning begins – your baby will enjoy trying a variety of foods, and will begin to feed themselves finger foods, and may want to start holding their own bottle or cup.
  • Your baby might start to copy speech sounds, usually with simple consonant sounds like “dadada”. They are usually beginning to understand simple words too, such as “bye bye” or “No”
  • They may begin to pull themselves to standing.
  • Separation anxiety may begin at this stage – this is perfectly normal! Lots of reassurance and cuddles will help.
  • At the beginning of this age range, only 16% of babies are “sleeping through the night” – this means that they are getting a 5 hour stretch of continuous sleep.
  • “Reverse Cycling” is common – baby may begin to be awake more at night and sleep more in the day – this will pass eventually!

9 months – 12 months

  • Your baby may begin to crawl, stand briefly or walk with support from a grown up.
  • Baby’s grip may be getting better and stronger – you may see them trying to grip smaller items between their thumb and index finger (pincer grip).
  • They may call “mama” or “dada” and know who it means.
  • Your baby may enjoy simple, repetitive games such as “peek a boo” and “pat a cake”