Health & Wellbeing

Dry Arch Children's Centres – Limavady and Dungiven

The Dry Arch Children's Centre provide a range of programmes and services aimed at improving physical and mental health for children and families. We do this through;

Providing support from the start

At the Dry Arch Children's Centre we provide children and their parents with appropriate information, ensure the active promotion and support services to engender healthy development from pregnancy, birth, infancy and throughout childhood. The Dry Arch Children's Centre challenges the focus on remedial, crisis-driven interventions late in childhood and proactively advocates evidence-based prevention and early intervention in health, community and education services across the life cycle as a strategy to promote children’s health and well-being. We also provide intervention and support activities for youths and parents.

Doing what we know works

The Dry Arch Children's Centre uses evidence based intervention when working with infants, children, young people and families to ensure we promote secure attachment, age-appropriate social and emotional development, positive protective relationships, oral language and literacy skills and mental health.

Child Welfare and Protection

The Dry Arch Children's Centre provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children to flourish and ensure they are adequately supported when attending programmes in our centres or at home. Healthy development is a challenge and a responsibility for every parent - it is also a challenge and responsibility for Government and for policy makers.  The Dry Arch Children's Centre have a range of policies and procedures in place to ensure that child welfare and protection is at the forefront of what we do. We are also part of a multi-agency network of providers and can signpost families to appropriate support where and when it is required.

Literacy and Language

Literacy and language are fundamental to children’s expression of themselves, their ability to communicate and central to building relationships with others.  As children grow up, literacy becomes the key to unlocking their potential as learners. Literacy and language is continuously developed across all Dry Arch Children's Centre services. We also have a designated speech and language therapist.

The Dry Arch Children’s Centre’s are actively engaged in promotion and advocacy for children's literacy and language development from infancy and as children grow older. Our integrated service plan on speech and language includes;

  • Infant and toddler development programmes with Speech and Language Therapists together promote attachment and parent-child interactions.
  • Evidence-based language and literacy programmes for parents and children including, including one-to-one support from our Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Parent-focused awareness raising and skills training to support for literacy and language development.
  • Strong focus on language and pre literacy development skills in our SureStart, Day Care, Out of School and pre-school settings.
  • Providing resources and supports for children's language and literacy development to be used in the home environment.
  • Building pro-social behaviour and positive mental health to ensure behavioural and mental health difficulties are prevented.