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Free School Meals and Uniform Grants

[ebs_panel style="panel-default"] [ebs_panel-header] Free school meals information for parents/carers [/ebs_panel-header] [ebs_panel-content] Parents wishing to apply for free school meals and uniform grants for the 2020/21 academic year must apply every year.  Applicants are now required to send up to date specific documentation (as outlined in notes page) as evidence of the relevant income support and…
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Dry Arch Family Support Hub

[ebs_panel style="panel-default"] [ebs_panel-header] Dry Arch Family Support Hub [/ebs_panel-header] [ebs_panel-content] What is the Dry Arch Family Support Hub? The Dry Arch Family Support Hub is there to help you find the right help in a joined-up, accessible way. Just pick up the phone and ask to speak with Donna at the Dry Arch Family Support…
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Dawn’s Dry Arch Blog Week 11

[ebs_panel style="panel-default"] [ebs_panel-header] Dawn's Dry Arch Blog - Week 11 [/ebs_panel-header] [ebs_panel-content] Lock Down Low Down Week 11 This has been a week of big questions and deep conversations with a seven-year-old – always fun (if you know the answers!) Question numero uno: Mum why are clouds different colours? some are white and fluffy, and…
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My Big Booklet About Me

[ebs_panel style="panel-default"] [ebs_panel-header] My Big Booklet About Me! [/ebs_panel-header] [ebs_panel-content] The Dry Arch Children's Centre have compiled a useful booklet for helping our kids cope with their big emotions during this time. This resource is designed most specifically for Primary School aged children and can now be accessed through the file section of this Group…
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